Welcome new team members

Welcome new team members

The excitement is still very fresh at Chicago Chiropractic Center. We can’t wait for you to know all of the news. Following from last week’s introduction to our Dr. Keith Starwalt in house nurse practitioner we are thrilled to formally welcome Rebecca Mendoza our Physical therapist, George Oppong our newest Physical Therapist Assistant, Lupe Gomez Licensed massage therapist and Dierdre Milsap licensed massage therapist.

Rebecca Mendoza with decades of experience has been with Chicago Chiropractic Center for almost a year now, and what an awesome year it has been! She has seen many of our patients old and new. She is an integral part of ensuring each person receives holistic care from every aspect of treatment. Providing qualitative exams diagnosing patients, structuring recovery and rehabilitation plans for each of our patients and then re-examine them at the end to ensure goals have been met and they are feeling 100% again. Patients work with our awesome PTA’s (Physical Therapy Assistants) George and Brent, many of you already know Brent but both guys are fantastic. This trio being the physical therapy department truly do tailor recovery plans right down to the minor details for every patient they work with. Not to mention they bring a great energy to every session.



Leading onto our next welcome, George Oppong PTA. He has been a wonderful add recently and our patient feedback for him has been nothing but great! He focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of recovery. As with any athlete with a serious injury, the urgency to get back to doing what you love can be your drive for each recovery session, but sometimes there is also that mental block of fear. Fear of hurting yourself again or not being able to perform as needed. Well George and Brent are very capable and willing to be the support you need to get you back to peak performance both physically and mentally, you’ll have nothing to worry about because the ‘leg work’ has already been done with them. This team will keep you working through any recovery plan with a smile.



Welcoming our two ladies new to our massage therapy department, Lupe Gomez and Deidre Milsap (know in the clinic as Dee), work magic with their hands. Patients have flocked to book with these ladies for their skills. Every checkout session we have patients who can’t say enough about how much they enjoyed their massages with these two ladies.

They collectively have many disciplines like Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massages and techniques like cranial sacral to use. They both bring a very calm caring atmosphere to their sessions. You can book with them for ½ an hour or a full hour. I speak from personal experience when I say you will wish sessions could be more than an hour because you feel like a new human when you get off their tables.


That’s it for this week’s update stay tuned for next week… where we Welcome Dr Jen Sippel.

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