Struggling to Lose Weight? The Millennium Weight Loss Program Could Be Your Solution

Without a strong support system and a solid understanding of the science behind losing weight, embarking on a weight-loss journey alone can be intimidating and, ultimately, unsuccessful.

The Millennium Weight Loss program at Chicago Chiropractic Center could be your solution. Our weight-loss and lifestyle experts know that successful weight loss accounts for more than just what you eat. Instead, Dr. Anne Gordon and her team take a holistic look at your life and your current state of health to help you arrive at your goal weight.

Risks of being overweight

Overweight and obesity increase your risk of a slew of health complications — both now and in the future. Some major health risks of being overweight include:

Those are just the major health complications you’re at risk for by being overweight or obese. Other complications that affect your day-to-day life include chronic fatigue, aches and pains, difficulty focusing, insomnia, and overall reduced quality of life.

Benefits of losing weight

By the same token, the benefits of weight loss are numerous. Not only does it improve your appearance, but weight loss also:

How Millennium Weight Loss works

The Millennium Weight Loss program is a 26-week treatment that’s divided into three phases. The phases include fat loading, weight loss, and stabilization, and each phase plays a critical part in your ability to lose weight and then maintain your weight loss.

And don’t worry — our weight loss program doesn’t include expensive meal replacements, and you won’t feel like you’re starving. During the Millennium Weight Loss program, you’ll eat five to six small meals each day, along with a selection of natural supplements to help support your digestion and keep your energy levels stable. No one likes an afternoon crash, right?

Dr. Gordon also provides you with a recipe book so you don’t feel stifled or stuck to just a few meals during your program.

When it comes to weight loss, most people fail because of a lack of education and accurate information. Dr. Gordon stops this epidemic in its tracks by matching all Millennium Weight Loss patients to a health coach.

To ensure you stay on track, you’ll meet with a health coach weekly at our Chicago Chiropractic Center. You and your health coach will discuss lifestyle habits and you’ll learn about things that cause your body to burn fat or store it.

Detox your body

Our Millennium Weight Loss program also includes a detox program, called Cool Restore. The Cool Restore eliminates toxins from your body and restores proper function to your liver (an important part of weight loss that many people disregard).

Your liver is basically the recycle bin of your body — it filters blood, detoxifies chemicals, and metabolizes drugs. It also sends bile back into your digestive system to help break down food.

During Cool Restore, you’ll take supplemental cleansers to transform toxins into water-soluble compounds so your liver can more easily eliminate them as waste. This process refreshes your digestive system and revitalizes your metabolism, making your weight-loss efforts easier.

Getting started with Millennium Weight Loss

To start losing weight and improving your health, you’ll discuss your health history with Dr. Gordon. At your consultation, Dr. Gordon will ask about any current medications, your diet, lifestyle, habits, and more to get a good understanding of your current status of health.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, call our office right away or schedule a consultation online to find out if the Millennium Weight Loss program and Cool Restore detox are a good fit for you.

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