Chicago Chiropractic Center - Always Improving


This week’s blog post is a short showcase of the progress on all the work done in the clinic. Since the major build out last year, we have made some changes and tweaks to keep the space as functional and aesthetic as possible. We love our patients and we want you to love the space you are treated in.

For those of you that haven’t been in the clinic for a bit these are some images of the space. We changed the flooring from carpet to laminate and just look at how lovely this floor is now.

We opened up the wall between our front desk and the physical therapy suite.

This has let in more natural light and we have clear channels for communication with our brilliant team. 


We have our items up on the column, the cutest little guys to hang your coats, handbags, hats / scarf’s. Our finger ladder, TRX and synergy station. Used in the physical therapy suite will many patients throughout the day. 

Each of our rooms have coat / bag hooks up as well.

The final touches bringing everything together. Ball racks are all up and clear the floor space for a functional treatment area.

We have more happening in the near future and it will be the icing on top of our already great cake. Stay tuned for the next update on our clinic space.

I’ll give you a hint it’s may have something to do with our Dr. Keith Starwalt.

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